Our Approach

Our Vision

Everyone deserves a chance to reach their goals. Our Vision at Inshape Fitness is to provide a gym for EveryBODY. No matter what your fitness goal, we can help you get there.

Every member at Inshape Fitness has the opportunity to improve. Its the little things that we provide that separates us from the rest.Its important to take the time to demonstrate proper exercise techniques, to weigh, measure and do a body fat analysis for a members and provide them with a detailed printout of the results, and then to sit and explain to them what it all really means, and how they can use this information as a tool to keep them motivated and to help them understand how their body works. Being Friendly, Understanding and Knowledgeable to each member is what Inshape Fitness is all about.

Our Story

Inshape Fitness became reality in the Spring of 2014 after a few years of detailed planning, and a lot of help from some pretty amazing people. The perfect storm of determination, trial and error, and a little luck made it all come together. The quote " if you build it they will come" played a huge role in where we are today and will continue to do so and of course "Let's get it Done!"

Meet the Team

Inshape Fitness is a locally owned and operated business. We could say it is a one man operation and to some extent it is, but that wouldn't exactly be accurate. Its more of a dream come true for a young guy who started out on a mission to help people get Inshape with the support of his Family.


Kristian Alexander

Owner and Operator

Welcome to Inshape Fitness and thank you for following. Ever since I began exercising and working out, I have always had a real interest in health and fitness. When it came to lifting weights and following a proper diet,  I read whatever I could get my hands on to help me on my quest.

I remember when my Dad took me to a local Gym for the first time and signed me up for my very first Gym membership like it was yesterday. I remember seeing the super muscular personal trainer that worked in the gym and at that moment, I was hooked on fitness.I did everything in my power to learn everything I could about the science of weight training and nutrition. I had developed a real passion for bodybuilding. Once I started making progress and seeing my body change, I knew I had to pass on my knowledge to others to help themselves reach their fitness goals. This is when the personal trainer inside me started to develop and I started taking on clients to train. I trained people in their homes, at hotel fitness facilities, University Gyms, the local YMCA, and anywhere I could to pursue my passion for getting people Inshape.

Along side of my dream to become a professional bodybuilder, I had always wanted to open my own Gym, a place I could instill my own practices and beliefs, and select only the best of equipment, and to build the ultimate place for people to workout and achieve their fitness goals.

I have been a personal trainer for over 22 years,and was ranked one of Canada's top 50 personal trainers in 2012, also won the 2001 Canadian Bodybuilding Federation Heavyweight Championship and placed Third overall in Canada. I enjoy working with all types of people in helping them achieve their fitness goals. Being a Private Fitness center owner, I make it a rule to give all my members a positive experience by being there to provide extra assistance to keep them motivated, educated, and consistent which are key factors in making their fitness journey a positive lifestyle experience.

If you're looking to get Inshape, Change your lifestyle and make fitness a part of your life, or if you just want to find a comfortable atmosphere to workout in, feel free to contact me so we can book your Free consultation to discuss your goals in person and get you started!


Inshape Fitness has everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. No need to ever feel intimidated about walking into a gym ever again. We make things simple, from our general memberships to personal training we have you covered. Lets get you started on your fitness journey today!